10 interesting facts about Myna Bird | Myna name, food, nest

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Myna birds belong to the Sturnidae family of birds. These species of birds are very gentle, beautiful, and easy to keep. Moena birds are second only to the African Gray Tiara in terms of speaking.

Important facts or features:

  • Myna is a beautiful, aggressive, graceful bird. They are social and friendly bird species.

  • They can talk like humans. They can remember about 100 words, which makes them attractive as pets.

  • Myna birds like to make nests in tree trunks or gaps in walls. They like to live in groups of 20 to 30 individuals. They have 13 subspecies.

  • Myna is used as a symbol in different countries. For example, caste is also used as a symbol in Bali and as a symbol of love in India.

  • There are different species of Myna in the world. Like hill myna, common myna, sand myna, golden crested myna, etc. Although all these birds are almost the same in size, shape, and color.

  • The common myna was first discovered by scientists in 1766.

  • Liver disease is common in birds of prey. Because they eat certain foods that harm them.

  • The body of this bird is a mixture of yellow with black color, yellow beak, and legs. Each of their wings has a mixture of white colors.

  • Myna hunts insects like grasshoppers in the grassland, so they are also called “grasshopper hunter” or “grasshopper hunter”.

  • The main team is called “local” and “statutory”.


4 Ways to Know Maina Boy and Girl:

It is very difficult to tell whether the Myna bird is a boy or a girl because they look almost the same. But there are some ways to make some assumptions. namely

  • Boy Mayna looks a bit older than girl Mayna.

  • Male Myna has a longer neckband than female Myna.

  • The shiny part of the neck of the male myna is very bright.

  • The best way to identify a dead bird is to do a DNA test.

History of Myna Bird:

The word “Mynah” comes from the Hindu word “marina” and the Sanskrit word “manana”, meaning “delightful and fun-loving”. In India, they are called by various names, such as Kalahapriya, Chitranetra, Pita net, and Pita pad.

Interesting facts about Myna bird
Myna Bird

What is the scientific name of the myna bird?

Scientific name – Acridotheres tristis

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Body Spots and Colors:

The entire body of the mountain myna is black with orange spots in some places, and the legs are yellow. The whole body of the common myna is dark brown, the head and neck are black, and the bill and feet are yellow.

The endangered and rarely seen Bali Myna has a white body, black tail, and wings, blue around the eyes, and yellow lips.

Different types of Species:

There are two main subspecies of pet birds. The first one is Hill Maina or Pahari Myna and the other is Common Myna or Common Myna.

Common mynas can speak exactly like humans, so they are kept as pets. Also, another type of Myna bird seen in the world is Bali Myna or Bali Myna.

This sand myna has been recognized as a ‘Critically Endangered’ species by the IUCN due to its low abundance. Around 100 sand mynas are found worldwide.

Where can be seen:

Myna birds are native to Asia, but their distribution is worldwide.

Found in Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indochina, Japan, and China.

These birds nest in trees near water and prefer to live in open forests, mangroves, grasslands, pastures, and rural areas.


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Myna Bird Food:

The diet of mountain myna in the forest is mainly fruits. Common mynas are omnivores, so they eat fruits and various insects.

At home, pet birds need to be fed a diet containing 20% ​​protein, 4% fat, and a very small amount of iron. 50% must be paid for small grains or grains.

They can also be given apples, sweet bananas, grapes, mangoes, guavas, papayas, watermelons, and many other fruits. Avoid giving excessive amounts of sweet fruits.


Good and Bad Traits:

One of the good traits of myna birds is their social and friendly nature. These species of birds are very intelligent and can remember about 100 words. Another good characteristic of them is that they bathe regularly every day like humans.

One of the bad traits is that they scream very loudly which is unbearable.

Talking and animating birds:

If you have a pet bird as a pet, you must teach it different sounds over and over again.

Because their vocabulary is much wider. They make a variety of whistling, scratching, and other noises.

Pahari myna and common myna are famous for mimicking human sounds. They can memorize about 100 words.

The main way to teach them is to be patient and repeat the same words over and over again.

Making a bird’s nest:

Myna bird makes a nest in the gap of a wall or the trunk of a tree. They use various straws, roots, and scattered branches to build their nests.

Breeding methods or care of Myna birds:

Myna birds are very active and always happy. They move from one place to another all the time.

A large cage is required for this species of bird. The cage needs to be at least 4 feet wide, 2 feet high, and 2 feet deep.

A tree branch or something else should be placed in the cage for the main to sit.

A nest box should be provided to hide them inside the cage. Arrange to cover the cage at night.

If the cage is placed near the kitchen, cooking fumes can harm them, so keep them away from the kitchen.

Myna birds like to bathe regularly, so a large bowl or container should be placed in their cage so that they can bathe themselves.

Regular bathing protects them from dust, sand, and feather shedding and helps keep the body clean.

To keep the body dry after bathing, it is important to have a body heating system in the cage.



It is important to let the bird out of the cage for an hour every day. When you leave them, you must close all windows, doors, and fans in the room.

Myna birds love to play with mirrors, bells, bottles, and various small objects.

Myna’s baby:

After mating, the mother lays 4 to 6 eggs. Their babies are called chicks. Their children are born blind. Myna babies become independent after 3 weeks.

A number of them:

According to the IUCN RED LIST, there are about 10,000 – 100,000 pairs of myna in Taiwan and about 100 – 10,000 pairs in Japan. This species is known as LC (LEAST CONCERN). Currently, their number is increasing rapidly.


Q. Lifespan of Mynah?

A. 2 to 3.5 years.

Q. What is the English name of the Myna bird?

A. English name of Myna Bird is Myna Bird

Q. What is the price of Myna’s bird?

A. Myna’s bird price is between 1000 to 1500 rupees per pair.

Q. The call of the dead bird?

A. Myna’s call is like a shrill flute.

Q. What is the scientific name of the myna bird?

A. The scientific name is Acridotheres tristis

Q. What do myna birds eat?

A. The diet of the mountain myna in the forest is mainly fruit. Common mynas are omnivores, so they eat fruits and various insects.

Q. Plural form of myna bird?

A. Myna bird

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