10 White Bird Species in United States

Created by Akash

image source: unsplash

No 10 - Snow Goose: Snow Geese has black tail feathers and White body.

No 9 - Mute Swan: This species of bird has long white neck and pure white body.

No 8 - American White Pelican: This species of bird also has big neck and long bill.

No 7 - Snowy Egret: Snowy Egret bird scientific name is Egretta Thula.

No 6 - Cattle Egret: Cattle Egret scientific name is Babulcus ibis. 

No 5 - Ring-Billed Gull: Scientific name is Larus delawarensis.

No 4: Great Egret: This species of bird has white body and black legs.

No 3 - Rock Pigeon: This species of bird found in urban areas. 

No 2 - Snow Bunting: This species of white bird is looking very beautiful.

No 1: Snowy Owl: Scientific name is Bubo Scandiacus. This white bird looks extremly stunning.

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