12 signs to know your cat loves you

Created by Akash

image source: unsplash

No 12: Bringing You Hunting birds or rodents remains as a gift. No 11: They use their tails to love

No 10: Always follow you No 9: Greeting you at the door

No 8: They are purring to show contentment when cats are resting.

No 7: Quite, short, calm and Slow Meows

No 6: Cats knead their head with front paws to show you love. No 5: Grooming and Licking: Cats Lick their owner to show love.

No 4: Cats may bump their heads to show you affection.

No 3: Cats use their eyes to show love to you.

No 2: Showing Their Belly: This is the best and ultimate sign.

No 1: Sleeping Near You: This is the beautiful sign to know the cats actually love you.

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