8 Rarest Birds in the World

Created by Akash

image source: unsplash

8. Kakapo: This bird species looks like an Owl.

7. Superb Lyrebird: This bird species is the most beautiful bird species in the world.

6. Orange Bellied Parrot: These parrots are considered the rarest birds on the planet.

5. The Greater Sage-grouse: The Greater Sage-grouse species is one of the unique and rare bird species.

4. Christmas Island Frigatebird: This species color is Red, Brown and Black.

3. Green Peafowl: These Green Peafowl species are one of the most beautiful in the world.

2. Secretary Birds: This bird species looks completely different from other rare birds.

1. Victoria Crowned Pigeon: This Pigeon species is one of the most beautiful birds, also called "king of pigeons".

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