Animal Numbers decreased since 1970 (How Much)

Created by Akash

image source: unsplash

Date: 23/10/22

We know from the recent research, The World's animal Populations are heavily decreased since 1970.

In a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report, An environmental Switzerland group we found that news.

Another group named the London group provided more than 5,000 species (32,000 wildlife populations) information.

The London researchers said the world of animal populations heavily decreased 69 percent on average. 

They said the main and biggest losses are human exploitation of the environment, pollution, forest loss and climate change.

The researcher also said that Land-use and Climate change is the biggest and most dangerous threat to nature in the upcoming days or years. 

IN Latin America and the Caribbean Sea almost 94 percent decreased in 50 years. Also freshwater populations have lost 83 percent since 1970.

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