by Akash

Top 8 Animals with Big LIPS

Elephant - Elephants have a long, muscular trunk that also functions as an upper lip. This versatile appendage can be used to grab objects, drink water, and communicate with other elephants.

Walrus - Walruses have a thick, fleshy upper lip that helps them suction up shellfish from the ocean floor. 

Proboscis monkey - These monkeys have a distinctive, long nose and large fleshy lips that help them make loud calls and attract mates. 

Hippopotamus - Hippos have large, thick lips that are ideal for grazing on vegetation along riverbanks.

Anteater - Anteaters have a long, tubular snout with a sticky tongue that they use to eat ants and termites. They are found in Central and South America and are known for their long claws.

Gharial - These crocodilians have a thin, elongated snout with a protruding upper lip that is shaped like a pot. They live in the rivers of India and Nepal and eat mainly fish.

Giant otter - These social animals have a large, fleshy upper lip that helps them hold onto fish and other prey. They live in the rivers of South America and are skilled swimmers.

Bactrian Camel - Bactrian camels have two humps and a thick, fleshy upper lip that helps them grasp thorny vegetation in their harsh desert environments.

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