by Akash

Meet 6 Animals with No Neck

Snakes: Snakes are long and thin animals with a lot of vertebrae in their body. They move by slithering, but they don't have a regular necks. 

Jellyfish: Jellyfish do not have a neck. Their bell-shaped body is directly connected to their tentacles which they use to capture prey and move through the water. 

Octopuses: Octopuses do not have a neck, instead, their head is directly connected to their body.

Manatee: Manatees are large sea animals that have round bodies with no necks.

Kissing Loach: It has a long, snake-like body with no neck and is also called the Dojo Loach or Oriental Weatherfish.

Archer Fish: The Archer Fish is a special kind of fish that's good at catching its prey. It lives in rivers, streams, and estuaries in Southeast Asia and Australia.

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