by Akash

8 Birds With Long Legs That'll Amaze You

Flamingos - These bright pink birds have long legs and are found in tropical and subtropical areas.

Storks - Large birds with long legs and bills, found all around the world.

Herons - Large wading birds with long legs and necks, found near water in many parts of the world.

Cranes - Tall, long-legged birds found in wetlands and grasslands worldwide, known for their elegant dance moves.

Ostriches - Flightless birds with powerful long legs, native to Africa and the largest living bird species.

Emus - Similar to ostriches, flightless birds with long legs that can run at high speeds, native to Australia.

Ibises - Wading birds with long legs and curved bills, found in many parts of the world.

Avocets - Elegant birds with long, thin legs and upturned bills, found in wetlands and mudflats around the world.

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