Top 8 Cutest Cat Breeds

Created by Akash

image source: unsplash

Ragdoll: The Ragdoll species cat has amazing attractive blue eyes. They are medium and large in size. 

Exotic: This cat breed looks like a Persian cat breed. This species of cat is very cute, quiet, and peaceful.

Norwegian Forest Cat: This cat species is from Norway. This cute species of cat comes with different colors. 

Persian: Persian is one of the cutest cat species around the world, also this cat species is my favorite.

Russian Blue: The Russian Blue cat has blue body hair, green eyes and short hair makes him very cute.

Siberian: This species of cat is also maintion in Russian fairy tales and Children's books. Siberian cats have great strength and balance.

Somali: This small species of cat is also known as a little fox. The Somali color is red, blue, fawn and ruddy.

Turkish Angora: The Turkish Angora cat has large and varied eyes with two different colors blue and green.

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