by Akash

Top 9 Beautiful Frogs in Florida

Green Treefrog - Bright green frog found on trees or shrubs near water. They have a high-pitched call and are popular as pets.

Squirrel Treefrog - Small and brightly-colored frog with a call that sounds like a squirrel. Found in trees, bushes, and on the ground near water.

Southern Leopard Frog - Frog with a spotted pattern found near water bodies. They have a low-pitched call.

Pig Frog - Large brownish-green frog with a deep call that sounds like a pig. Found in lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Gopher Frog - Stocky frog with a dark, mottled pattern. Found in sandy areas near water. Their call is a deep, resonating snore.

American Bullfrog - One of the largest frog species with a deep, distinctive call. Found in a variety of aquatic habitats.

Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad - Small and brown toad with a narrow, pointed snout. Found in sandy areas and has a high-pitched call.

Barking Treefrog - Grayish-green frog with a bark-like call that sounds like a dog. Found in trees and bushes near water.

Southern Toad - Small brown or gray toad with distinctive "warts" on their skin. Found in a variety of habitats and has a high-pitched call.

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