How Many Tiger Reserves in Karnataka?

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image source: unsplash

Karnataka is the state with the highest number of tigers in India. The number of tigers in this state is around 300. 

Currently there are around 524 Royal Bengal Tigers in Karnataka as per Tiger Census report dated 29th July 2019. 

1. Bandipur Tiger Reserve: Bandipur National Park was formed in 1973 as part of Project Tiger.  It is located in the South India State of Karnataka.

2. Nagarahole Tiger Reserve: The name Nagarahole is derived from a river called Nagarahole, which means 'serpent river' in Kannada.

3. BRT Tiger Reserve: BRT Tiger Reserve is located on the western and eastern ghats and borders of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

4. Kali Tiger Reserve: This reserve area was earlier known as Anshi National Park and Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary. 

5. Bhadra Tiger Reserve: In 1998 BTR became a part of project Tiger covering an area of ​​over 492 sq km. 

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