How many tigers are there in India? 

Created by Akash

image source: unsplash

India is the home of the most tigers in the world. Almost 70 to 80% tigers live in India.

Also Tiger is the National Animal of India. 

The Bengal Tiger species is found all over India except Thar desert, Punjab and Kutch region.

There are many species of Tiger but only 1 or 2 species of Tiger live in India.

In 2006, India had a total of 1,411 tigers, that's a huge number.

Surprisingly in 2010 after 4 years Tigers numbers increased to 1,706. 

Again After 4 years in 2014 tiger numbers increased to 2,226. 

In 2018 tiger numbers increased to 2,967.

India has 5 main tiger landscapes. Shivalik Hills, Eastern Ghats, The Western Ghats, Brahmaputra Flood Plains, Sundarban.