by Akash

9 Stunning Moths in Alabama 

Luna Moth - A pretty green moth with long tails and eye-shaped spots on its wings.

Polyphemus Moth - A big, tan moth with spots on its wings that look like eyes.

Cecropia Moth - A big, brown and red moth with hairy body and soft antennae.

Rosy Maple Moth - A small, colorful pink and yellow moth often found near maple trees.

Imperial Moth - A large, brown moth with eyespots on its wings found in the eastern US.

Io Moth - A green moth with black and white spots that can sting if touched.

Sphinx Moth - A brown moth with curved wings that looks like a hummingbird while feeding.

Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth - A grayish-brown moth with white spots that feeds on Virginia Creeper plants.

Black Witch Moth - A big, dark brown or black moth with scalloped wings that is sometimes considered a bad omen.