by Akash

This Deer Musk Glands Price is $45,000 US Dollars

The Siberian Musk deer is a species of musk deer belonging to the Moschidae family. Siberian Musk Deer also known as ‘The Vampire Deer’. 

The scientific name of this species is Moschus Moschiferus. It is mostly found in mountain forests of Northeast Asia, Mongolia, and Southern Siberia. 

The Siberian Musk Deer is a small species of musk deer species. 

Due to their small size, they can easily hide or run fast from their predators.

They are found in mountain areas and shrub-covered slopes just like their cousins.

The Siberian Musk deers musk glands price is$45,000 per kilogram in Us Dollars.

During breeding time, male deer will grow tusks like vampires instead of antlers. 

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