Top 8 Deadliest Cat Species in the World

Created by Akash

image source: unsplash

N0 8 - Bobcat: Bobcat is the biggest cat, almost 40 pounds. They live in North America. They eat mice and Small Birds etc.

N0 7: Tiger: Success 10-20%. Tiger success rate between 10-20%. These species of cat can survive one week only eating once.

N0 6: Puma: Success 20% Puma is a very dangerous animal species. This species' hunting success rate is almost 20%.

NO 5: Lion - Success 20-25%. The king of the jungle eats wolves, zebras, deer etc. Lions are the strongest and deadliest cat species in the world.

N0 4 - Domestic Cat: Success 30-32%. Hearing this news that domestic cats are 4th in our list, many people think that domestic cats are deadlier than lions! Yes you hear that right.

N0 3: Leopard: Success 38-40%. Not surprised to hear that leopard in 3rd position. Leopard is one of the deadliest animal species ever.

N0 2: Cheetah: Success Rate - 58%. We know that Cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth. But today you will know that the cheetah is also the deadliest animal on earth.

N0 1: Black-Footed Cat: Success Rate - 60%. This is very surprising to hear that black-footed cats are the most and no1 deadliest cats in the world. This is true.

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