Which Parrot Can not Fly? 

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7. Kakapo parrot cannot fly: They are large species weighing 9 lbs and growing up to two feet long. This species in the parrot family is flightless.

6. Their lips are hard: We know the parrot for her pouty pout. Their lips are quite strong. Their lips should never be touched until they become very close friends.

5. A union of triads: Once a boy and a girl pair up, they spend the rest of their lives together, and the boys make different sounds to please the girl.

4. Parrots live up to 60 years

3. Parrot sound or noise:Parrot birds make different sounds to communicate. Their sound is just like a bicycle bell ringing, or a phone ringing.

2. Eats with the help of feet

1. There are about 400 species of Parrot

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