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Rosy Barb is a type of freshwater fish. They are usually found in Southeast Asian countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand. 

The species name of Rosy barb is P. conchonius, family name is Cyprinidae, kingdom name is Animalia.

This species of fish can grow up to 6 inches and weigh up to 340 grams. 

This species of fish changes color during mating. 

Female rosy barbs do not have black wings whereas male rosy barbs do.

Colors: Rosy barb has a dorsal fin.  Males have red color and females have golden or silver color.

How big do Rosy barbs get?

rosy barb

Rosy barb ranks among the largest fish among all barb species. They can be up to 4 inches.  However, the barb of this species is 6 inches to 8 inches long.

What fish can live with rosy barbs?

There are many species of fish that can live with rosy barb, as this species is a freshwater fish and they are a bit calmer in nature. 

Below is the tank mates of rosy barb:

  • Cherry Barb,
  • Mollies,
  • Neon Tetra,
  • Ember Tetra,
  • Swordtails,
  • Dwarf Gourami,
  • Rope Fish,
  • Pearl Gourami,
  • Emperor Tetra etc.

Are rosy barbs aggressive?

The rosy barb is the most aggressive of the barb species.  They can become aggressive when kept with other fish. Know more facts about angel fish.

Does a rosy barb need a air pump?

Yes, an air pump is an important thing for any fish breeding.  That’s why an air pump is absolutely necessary for Rosy barb.

How long can rosy barbs go without food?

All Barb species can survive for about 2 weeks without food.  Below are the names of some fishes that can survive for long periods without food.

 Betta10 to 14 days
 Koi fishup to 10 days
 Tetras up to 10 days
Molliesup to 14 days
Guppies7 to 10 days
Oscarsup to 15 days
Discussup to 14 days

Can rosy barbs live with guppies?

There are some barb fish that should not be kept with guppies at all. 

Rosy barb, tiger barb, gold barbs, tension barbs are harmful fish for guppies. 

As long fin-nippers, they can harm or even kill guppies at any time.

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Can rosy barbs change color?

rosy barb change color

Yes, Rosy barbs are popular species for color changing habits. 

Male and female Rosy barbs usually change color during breeding period. 

After the color change, the female Rosy barb looks brighter.  Male rosy barb changes from silver color to golden and red color.

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Do rosy barbs need a filter?

rosy barb filter

A filter is essential for all aquariums, be it freshwater or saltwater. 

Because aquariums help decompose nitrates, phosphates and various organic matter. 

After installing a filter, check whether the water is clean and has enough oxygen.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Qustions):

Do rosy barbs give birth?

rosy barb egg

Yes, Female Rosy barb lays hundreds of eggs that will hatch in 30 hours.

How big do neon rosy barbs get?

Rosy barb is the largest of the other barb species.  And the Neon Rosy barb can grow up to 6 inches long.

How many gallons does a rosy barb hold?

Small groups of rosy barbs require a tank size of at least 30 gallons.  But each Rosy barb needs at least 5 gallons of water tank size.

Can rosy barbs live with tiger barbs?

Apart from the rosy barb, other barb species can also get along very well with the tiger barb.

How long do rosy barbs live for?

Rosy barbs can last up to 5 years.

Can rosy barbs live with Shrimp?

No, All the barb species including Rosy barb can not live in shrimp tanks.

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