5 Black and White Birds of Ladakh

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Ladakh is a good range of homes for birds. In Ladakh, many bird species live, some species you already know but some of the bird species you didn’t even hear of before.

So, Let’s dive into the blog post where we explore the 5 beautiful black and white birds of Ladakh.

What kinds of black and white birds are found in Ladakh?

There are only 5 birds with black and white colors found in Ladakh. These birds have different color patterns black and white and also have different diets, habitats, and characteristics. Here is the list:

  • black-necked crane
  • Himalayan snowcock
  • bar-headed goose
  • brown-headed gull
  • Tibetan snowcock

Let’s explore these birds.

Black-necked Crane:

black-necked crane
Image: black-necked crane

The black-necked Crane is a medium-sized crane found in Ladakh. This crane breeds on the Tibetan Plateau, other parts of India, and Bhutan. They can grow up to 139cm long with a wingspan of 235cm (Wikipedia), and weigh between 5 to 5.5 kg. They have black heads and tails, also legs. Also, they have gray and whitish bodies and red crown patches. The black-necked Crane is an Endangered animal.

Himalayan Snowcock:

Himalayan snowcock
Image: Himalayan snowcock

The Himalayan snowcock belongs to the pheasant family primarily found in the Himalayan ranges and parts of the Pamir range of Asia. They live on rocky slopes at almost 4,500m. They can grow up to 54-72 cm with a wingspan of 85-97 cm, weighing 2-3.5 kg. They mostly eat grasses, leaves, fruits, berries, etc. In Ladakh, they can be found in Hemis National Park, Suru, Drass, Zanskar, etc.

Bar-headed Goose:

bar-headed goose
Image: bar-headed goose

The bar-headed goose is found in the Himalayas and Central Asia. They known as Ngangpa in Ladakh. They can grow up to 68-78 cm in length with a wingspan between 140 to 160 cm. They prefer to stay at altitudes up to 4000-6000m. The bar-headed goose has orange legs, and black bars on the white head, that’s why they named it. They mainly eat grasses, grains, fish, and insects. In Ladakh, you easily found this goose in the Wetlands of the Changthang region.

Brown-headed Gull:

brown-headed gull
Image: brown-headed gull

The brown-headed gull is a black and white birds in Ladakh. This bird breeds in the Wetlands of the Changthang region. They can grow up to 40-45 cm in length, and weigh between 450-700g. They can live up to 11 years. They mostly eat fish and invertebrates. In Ladakh, you can easily find these birds in the Wetlands of the Changthang region and the Upper Indus valley.

Tibetan Snowcock:

Tibetan snowcock

The Tibetan Snowcock is a white and black snow birds found at altitudes between 3,700m to 5,700m. They can grow up to 50-56 cm and weigh between 1 to 1.6 kg both male and female. They have white, gray, and black bodies with red bills. You can easily identify males by the spurs on the legs. They mostly eat roots, leaves, fruits, berries, seeds, etc. In Ladakh, they are found in high mountains.


Ladakh has a wide variety of bird species like the Indian Roller, Red-vented Bulbul, and Oriental Magpie Robin, each with a unique diet and habitat. It’s an excellent destination for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

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