Interesting facts about white fox

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Snow foxes are a small breed of a fox that prefers to live in colder environments. Some hairs near their neck turn white in winter and brown in summer.

Not only is it warm during winter due to their light fur, but it is also quite warm due to their rounded body. They have a round body with short legs and a furry tail, rounded ears, and a small muzzle.

Interesting facts about artic fox

Image: White Fox

Important Facts:

  • Sometimes white foxes follow polar bears for food. When it is cold, it tries to keep itself warm by wrapping its tail.
  • They can easily withstand -70 degree temperature by folding the tail. The white fox lives where the color of the snow is not completely white but rather gray in color.
  • During hunting, the thin layer of ice is broken. Then they jump and head straight down into the ice.
  • The white fox’s sense of smell is so strong that it is happy to find food left by polar bears from 10 to 40 km away.
  • White foxes have thin linings over their eyes that protect them from sunlight. 
  • White foxes also respond very well to a 4- to 5-inch thick layer of snow.

Physical Characteristics:




WEIGHT- 1.4-9.4 KG

HEIGHT- 25-30 CM

LENGTH- 52-55 CM


The white fox lives in the financial and Shahbagh areas of Russia, Europe, and North America. Most of them are found in the land of snow and ice. Also inhabits some forests in Alaska and Canada.

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Nature and lifestyle

White foxes live together, male and female. They live in burrows slightly below the soil surface, which keeps them very warm at minus 50 degrees Celsius. Their caves have been inhabited for centuries by various species of jackals who use their sense of smell to detect the presence of enemies and their sounds. And hides underground.

Their food

They are calm omnivores. They eat all kinds of meat, living and dead. They love to eat small animals. But bearberries eat insects and other things. In winter they feed on marine mammals, birds, fish, and seals.

Mating Habits:




BABY CARRYING- 6-19 cubs

INDEPENDENT AGE- 14-15 weeks


MALE NAME- reynard, tod

BABY NAME- kit, cub, pup

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The danger of the white fox

The white fox suffers a lot from diseases spread by domestic dogs. Also one of the causes of damage is climate change. Many times the ice line moves from north to north so they face a lot of damage.

Number of white foxes

According to the official description of IUCN, the white fox is one of the hundreds of thousands of white foxes in the water. Found in various places in Russia, Canada, North America, Alaska, and Iceland.

There are about 200 white foxes in Norway, Finland, and Switzerland. So naturally, they belong to endangered species. Currently, their number is completely correct.

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Environmental benefits

The white fox is quite natural in the environment as it eats other seasonal animals in the country.

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