New Hampshire SPCA Rescues 36 Animals from Hoarding Situation

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The New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NH SPCA) is seeking aid after saving 36 animals from a hoarding incident. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds were among the rescued creatures, all of whom were discovered living in unclean conditions and requiring medical care.

The NH SPCA was alerted to the hoarding case on August 24, 2023. Animal control officers promptly arrived at the location and encountered the animals living in overcrowded and filthy spaces. Many were malnourished and had tangled fur. A few also suffered from injuries.

The NH SPCA effectively rescued all 36 animals from the hoarding scenario and is currently tending to their needs at their shelter. Donations are earnestly requested to support the animals’ care.

“We deeply appreciate the swift response of the animal control officers who stepped in to rescue these animals from the hoarding situation,” conveyed NH SPCA President Rob Bolduc. “Our gratitude extends to the community for their ongoing support. As these animals require extensive care, we rely on the community to join forces with us in providing it.”

For those willing to contribute to the NH SPCA’s cause, online donations can be made at Alternatively, you can reach out to the shelter by phone at (603) 224-6366.

The NH SPCA is also appealing for volunteers to assist in caring for the animals. Volunteers can lend a hand with tasks like feeding, cleaning, and spending time with the animals. If you’re interested in volunteering, details are available on the NH SPCA’s website or by contacting the shelter directly.

Dedicated to ensuring all animals find secure and affectionate homes, the NH SPCA is confident that with the community’s help, they can provide the care and attention these rescued animals deserve.

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