Top 6 Strongest Cats Breed

Created by Akash

image source: unsplash

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In this list we are talking about exotic cats, forest cats, and wild cats breed like leopard and liger. 

NO 6: Overall Strongest Cougar: Another name is Mountain Lion or Puma. Cougar is the 4th largest cat breed. 

NO 5: Leopard: When we talk about climbing ability, Leopards are the strongest wild cats. They have a powerful bite force.

No 4: Jaguar: Jaguar is the strongest jaw wild cat. They have powerful bite that can break turtle shells.

No 3: Second Strongest Lion: We call Lion "The king of the Jungle", because Lion is one of the strongest cats in the world.

No 2: Liger: Liger is the strongest and largest of the big cat family. This species has Lion Strength or Size and Tiger speed.

No 1: Overall Strongest Tiger: If we talk about strength and size then Tiger is No 1 position. This species beats lions in speed, fighting skills, and strength. 

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