Why Do Crows Attack Other Crows?

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Think for a moment while driving along the high road, suddenly some crows fell from the sky squabbling to the ground. A crow is beating another crow and another crow is picking out another crow’s eye.

How horrible sight that should be. And in this fight, one crow was killed and the other crow’s beak was wounded and again flew into the sky. Then a question may arise in your mind that,

Why does a crow attack other crow?

Let’s find out, A crow attacks a crow to defend its mate, fights over food, and attacks other crows when it invades its territory.

However, all these fights are for Kake’s own family. Besides all these reasons, are there other reasons why crows attack themselves?

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1. Guarding companions

In most cases crows attack other crows for their mate or wife. If an outside male crow goes towards the male crow’s mate i.e. the female crow located in that place, then a fight ensues and both of them attack her until they leave the place.

2. Resistance to the territory

Crows are the most social animals, they always keep their family away from others. So they invite other crows a little more warmly. They also observe which crow is coming from outside and from which family it is coming.

3. Fighting for food

Food is the main energy source for animals and birds. Their territorial nature is not only to protect their families. A fight to the death between crows is all about food.

When one crow tries to get the food, the other crow tries to get the news and chases after it. Finally, the winning crow eats the food itself.

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4. Attack on wounded crow

Crows usually attack weak and injured crows. They believe that weak and injured crows are attacked by enemies, which is not a good omen for their clan. So whenever they see a weak or injured crow they pounce on it and spit until the crow dies.

5. Play sports in family groups

When they become too aggressive, they start playing aggressively among themselves. Like humans, they also have a family with a father and mother. They play with each other happily. But the game is not played for long as it turns into a fight.


Crows, despite their impressive social skills, can be fiercely competitive. Understanding their motivations behind these attacks provides a deeper appreciation for the complex lives of these remarkable birds. So next time you see a crow chase, it might not be a villain – just a crow determined to protect its way of life.

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