15 Animals Died at Marineland in 4 Years, Animal Rights Groups Call for Closure

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Startling revelations have come to light regarding the well-being of animals at Marineland in Ontario, Canada. A recent Canadian Press report reveals that 15 animals, including dolphins, whales, and sea lions, have lost their lives within a span of four years.

video: 15 Animals Die at Marineland in 4 Years

Troublingly, the report also uncovers Marineland’s repeated violations of the Ontario Animal Welfare Act. These breaches encompass insufficient provisions of food, water, shelter, and necessary veterinary care for the animals.

Marineland has countered these allegations, asserting that their animals were properly cared for, and attributing the deaths to natural causes. Nonetheless, the report has cast a shadow of doubt on the treatment of animals within the park.

This isn’t the first time Marineland has faced controversy. In 2019, the park was fined $300,000 for breaching the Animal Welfare Act. In 2020, the park had to halt its dolphin show after a complaint was lodged by an animal rights group.

Although Marineland remains a favored tourist destination, it has encountered criticism for its animal care practices. Accusations include confining animals in cramped and unsanitary conditions and failing to supply sufficient nourishment and hydration.

Following the release of the Canadian Press report calls to shut down Marineland have resurfaced. Advocacy groups are urging the province to revoke Marineland’s operating license.

The spotlight is now on Marineland as the province contemplates potential actions in response to the report’s findings. The fate of the park hangs in the balance as public concern intensifies.

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