Chinese family didn’t realized they raised a ferocious species of bear instead dog

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The people of the house did not know that they were feeding some other ferocious animal instead of a dog. Day after day passed and still they did not understand about the creature. However, as two years passed, his size increased and his appetite also increased. Yet they showed no lack of affection. After a few days, the owner of the house came to know something about their pet. In the end, they realized that the animal they were raising at home was not actually a dog, but a ferocious species of bear.

Recently, one such incident has gone viral on social media. Everyone was surprised to hear that. Like any other people, a family in China started raising a small dog from the beginning. However, it is known that they had some doubts about the animal from the beginning. However, he could never have guessed the danger he would face while feeding the dog.

In the end, they find out that the man they were raising as a dog is actually a bear. Just knowing the news, a terrible fear entered their minds. According to information, the Chinese family has been keeping the animal at home since 2016. The animal was handed over to the couple as a ‘Tibetan Mastiff’ dog.

From the beginning, the animal tends to overeat. It dawned on them that the animal might not be a dog, but some other animal. But it never occurred to them that the animal would be a bear. The weight of the bear is reported to be 125 kg. It fed more than 4 to 5 people day after day.

But after a few days, their doubts increased. They noticed that the dog was standing on two legs. After that, the Chinese family decided to consult experts because of fear.

Then after knowing everything they informed the forest department staff. When the forest department staff came home they found out for sure that the pet was a ferocious species of bear. And through research it is known that the bear found in that house can weigh up to 450 pounds. Finally, the forest department personnel rescued the bear.

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