Rare White Deer Spotted In Uttar Pradesh’s Katrniya Ghat Wildlife Sanctuary

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Indian Forest Service officer Akash Deep Badhawan shared a photo of a rare white deer on his Twitter handle. The white deer was spotted in Uttar Pradesh’s Katrniya Ghat Wildlife Sanctuary. There are so many rare animals on earth but many people didn’t know about them anything. This time Indian Forest Service officers doing a great job.

Akash Deep Badhawan (IFS) shared the photo with the caption “Katarniaghat – where rare is common” on 8 march at 4:45 pm. After he posted the photo immediately went viral. As of now, the photo got almost 63k views and 407 likes.

In the picture, you can see a white albino deer’s baby (fawn) moving through the grass in the wildlife sanctuary with his mother. After seeing the picture so many people were mesmerized and concerned for its safety. It is an important point. Many cruel people don’t want this kind of rare species to live in peace.

IFS officer Parveen Kaswan retweeted, “In nature, exceptions are removed first. They are hard to adapt.

Also, there are so many users who commented and wrote “Wow, soon we will go to visit Katarniaghat to see the albino rare white deer. Another user tweeted, “With respect, You shouldn’t have shared this sir hunter and poachers might target this innocent soul now and then.”

This rare species is very delight to see but they face everyday very critical conditions you can’t imagine. One disadvantage of this species is they have poor eyesight. They also have very trouble eating and finding a mate for them.

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