Stray Cattle Obstruction Incident Leads to FIR Against Farmers and Ministerial Actions

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In a surprising incident, a group of people deliberately blocked a road with stray cattle in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. This caused a disruption for the state’s Animal Husbandry Minister, Dharampal Singh, who was on his way to an important event.

What’s even more surprising is that an FIR (a formal complaint) has been filed against these people – about 90 of them. This means that the police have officially taken action against them.

The minister, Dharampal Singh, is really serious about taking care of cattle. He said, “We won’t accept any laziness when it comes to looking after cows. We’re going to check on cow shelters every week.” He said this during a meeting he was leading.

Because of this incident, the minister also got upset with some officials. These are people who are supposed to take care of cattle and cow protection centers. He gave them warnings and asked for explanations if they were not doing their job properly.

This incident happened because farmers wanted to show the minister the problem of stray cattle. They wanted him to pay attention to this issue. The police later filed a case against these farmers on August 19.

In another case in Lucknow, 13 cows died because they were given bad food. This happened on August 14 at a cow shed.

The minister is clear about one thing – he will punish any official who doesn’t take care of stray cattle properly. He wants cow protection centers to be checked every week.

He also talked about money. He said that funds (money) for these centers should be given within one day of asking for them. No center should suffer because of a lack of money.

He plans to have a campaign for a whole month to make sure cow sheds are in good condition all over the state. He also told officials to take back land that people have taken from cow grazing areas. They need to report on this by August 26.

The minister also told certain officers to visit cow protection centers themselves. They need to do this in the first week of September. He wants under-construction cow protection centers to be finished quickly.

So, all in all, an unusual event led to legal action. The minister is serious about taking care of cows and wants everyone to do their job properly.

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