Two woman killed by elephant in Jalpaiguri forests

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As per the news two young girls were killed by elephant attack in Jalpaiguri district forests on 4 February. Two girls’ companions told police that they were going to forests because of firewood and then this horrible attack happened. 

After the incident, other family members told to police or foresters about their story and foresters seized their bodies and searched in that area to prevent a similar accident. 

Sources said a group of women from Hila tea estate of Nagrakata block crossed the Jaldhaka river and walked into the Sipchu forest. While they were collecting firewood, a wild elephant came there. 

After seeing the wild elephant all of them were trying to escape but unfortunately Nima Mahali (29) captured by the wild elephant. Somehow the elephant manage to catch her and wrapped her with its trunk and tossed her on the ground. 

After Nima Mahali (29), Anita Mahali (18) was trying to escape from the wild elephant to save herself. But unfortunately she didn’t saved herself. The same thing happened. 

Other womans were bravely escaped and inform to the police and foresters. 

Later, police and foresters went to the Jalpaiguri district forests in the evening and recovered Nima’s body. But Anita’s body was not found on Saturday that’s why they search on Sunday and her body also found in Sunday’s afternoon. 

Swajal Kumar Dey, the range officer of Khunia forest range under Gorumara wildlife division, said “as the two woman has died inside a reserve forest area that’s why their families will not receive any compensation from foresters and government.

It is an unfortunate incident. Time and again, we have alerted residents who live in the fringes of forests that they should not enter the forest area, risking their lives. On a number of earlier occasions, women have died in similar attacks but some people still do not pay heed to our alert,” said the forester. (Quotes from 

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