U.P. Government Steps Up for Animal Welfare: Electric Crematoriums Planned for Stray Cattle

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After taking care of around 1.2 million stray cattle in 6,889 safe cow protection centers, the Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) government is doing something new. They are building special places called electric crematoriums for these animals and others.

The boss of Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, told his team what to do in a big meeting at his house. They talked about looking after the stray cattle and making milk in the state.

He said, “Don’t throw animal bodies in rivers. We need a good plan for this.” He wants to quickly build electric crematoriums in all the big cities to safely burn animals. And he wants to do this in small cities too, but one step at a time.

Yogi Adityanath said the government is helping take care of animals and wants people who raise cattle to get help from government plans.

The prominent leader also said that the work they’re doing to keep stray cattle safe is working. About 1.2 million stray cattle are now in the protection centers.

He said, “We need bigger places to keep cows safe.” He told his team to find good spots in different places and make centers that can hold 4000-5000 cows. And he wants these places to have people who take care of the cows.

The leader also said that people need to help with taking care of cows. He has an idea: families that want to help can give some money, and they can use the cow’s milk. The government will make clear rules about this.

He also told the team to pick someone in each area to look after the cow protection centers and send reports every month.

Yogi Adityanath said Uttar Pradesh makes the most milk in the country. He thinks they should make more groups to make sure people who make milk get good money for it.

So, the U.P. government is building unique places for animals, after they did a good job looking after many stray cattle in protection centers. The prominent leader cares about animals and wants to help the people who take care of them too.

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