Viral Video: A Woman Chaining a Lion and Claiming It as Her Pet Animal

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We can know various news of the country and abroad through video. Just such a news was known through the video of the Internet world. The video shows a woman chaining a lion around its neck and claiming it as her pet animal. And seeing this video, the net world has become uproar. After watching the video, one person is making a comment where he says this is completely illegal. The video was posted on Instagram and as soon as it was posted, the video went viral. After watching the video, many people are commenting, some of them are saying that it is completely illegal.

Various comments from other people are being caught in the comment section. Watch the video first. In this video we can clearly see a girl clinging to a lion’s neck and claiming it as her belly, another lion behind her, a lion in a cage behind her.

In the video we can clearly see three lions, two outside and one inside the cage. Seeing this, different people are commenting and saying how to keep wild animals as pets. Many others are angrily commenting that this is the whole area so it should never be done how he is doing this alone.

As soon as the video was posted, video received thousands of views and 24 to 25 thousand likes. The video was posted by an Instagram user named @k4_khaleel.

Someone wrote in this video comment box, “If you have courage then make a video by removing the chain from the lion’s neck.”

Another user wrote, “this profit can take your life too.” Another wrote, “Lene ke dhene par jaenge.”

Another user wrote, “it’s terrible ma’am don’t try it again it’s not a game it’s a lion.”

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