Viral Video: Butterfly or a Dead Leaf? You will amaze to see the video

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Every day we see different types of videos on social media. While watching these videos people get scared. And many videos make people happy and feel sad. But today’s video will amaze you. We have given below proof that many people were surprised after watching this video. The video is all about a new butterfly species. You will not identify whether it is a butterfly or a dead leaf.

This species of butterfly is called The Dead Leaf Butterfly. The dead leaf butterfly looks exactly like a dead leaf that’s why this species got the name The Dead Leaf.

This amazing video was shared by a Twitter user @fasc1nate. The video went viral after posting on Twitter on 10 November, 10.27 AM. The video got 5.4 million views, 49.6k likes, and 6,285 retweets within 8 hours. The internet was amazed by seeing this beautiful video. Many people write their opinion and reaction in the comment section. 

Let you know that the original video was shared by Twitter user @stevestuwill. His Twitter handle name is Steve Stewart-Williams. He shared this video on 14 August 2020, 6.30 pm. The original video got 5 million views and 12.5k likes. People have different opinions about this video. Today we will discuss those opinions or reactions. 

One user commented, “Nature is beautiful and intelligent at the same time!” Another user commented, “So happy I found your account @SteveStuWill!

The best stuff in my feed nowadays 😊” 

The third user said, “It doesn’t. The more effective the camouflage, i.e. the more it looks like a real leaf, the lower the chance they get preyed on. This is, inadvertently, figuring out what a leaf looks like by proxy, over millions (?) of years.” 

The fourth user said, “Amazing! One time in Cuba I saw a glass wing butterfly; a butterfly with transparent wings. That was also pretty unbelievable!” 

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