Who is The Most Successful Predator on The Planet Earth? Not Cheetah, Wildog

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Who’s the most successful predator? Not Cheetah. When you look at various animal kill rates, you will be surprised to know that many species have a success rate of 20% to 30%.  Mostly we talked about cheetahs having the most success rate, but you will be surprised to know that Even Cheetah is not as close as the most successful predator.

Generally one question in our mind is Who is the Most successful predator on The Planet Earth? 

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Before we talk about the actual No 1 successful predator, you need to know the success rate of various animals like cheetah, lion, wildog etc. Most of the animals have 20-30% success kill rate. Cheetahs have a 50% success rate while other big ones have an average 30% kill rate.

Mos of the Animals20 to 30% success kill rate
Cheetahhave good 50% success rate
Other big Cat have average 30% kill rate
WildogAmazing 85% kill rate
DragonflyImpressive 95% kill rate
Successful predator

video: dragonfly biology

Surprise to know that even Cheetahs lost by Wildog have a success kill rate of an amazing 85%. But miracles happen when beautiful animals beat off these dangerous animals. Yes you hear that right. 

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Primordial Dragonfly has a success rate of an impressive 95%. This species of fly beats all of these wild animals.  I was surprised to see the insane biology of dragonfly videos on youtube. I think you need to watch this video at once.  

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