World Wildlife Day 2023: 6 Most Endangered Animals Species on Earth

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Every Year on 3 March World Wildlife Day happens to celebrate the earth’s diverse flora and fauna. Also, take attention to the animal species that facing extinction due to any reason. 

“The day reminds us to step up against wildlife crime and human conflict of species, which have wide-ranging economic, and social impacts.” the United Nations said.

Let’s take a look at the 6 most endangered animal species this World Wildlife Day 2023. 

1. Vaquita 

image: Vaquita

The Vaquita is a Critically Endangered animal on Earth. The population of Vaquita decreasing day by day. It is the smallest known whale or dolphin alive today. These species most live in the northern part of California, Mexico. It can reach 5 feet and weigh more than 55 kg. 

2. Javan Rhinoceros 

The Northern Sumatran Rhinoceros
image: The Northern Sumatran Rhinoceros (Javan Rhinoceros)

If anyone talking about the most endangered animals then Javan Rhinoceros is the always top. There are only 60 Javan Rhinoceros remaining in the world. That’s why these species are the most threatened and endangered mammal species on earth. There are 60 Javan Rhinoceros living in Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia. 

3. Asian Elephant 

asian elephant
image: Asian elephant

The Asian Elephant is classified as an “Endangered” animal species by IUCN. There are almost 20,000 to 45,000 Asian Elephants are left in the wild. These species of elephants live in Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, and Kenya’s southern border. 

4. Orangutan 

image: Orangutan

Orangutan is classified as an “endangered” species because of their population decreasing. A century ago, were more than 200,000 orangutans left in the world, and now that numbers go down to almost 100,000 based on geographic range. Orangutans’ lifespan is around 35 to 45 years. The scientific name of these species is Pongo. Orangutans are mostly found in Malaysia (Sabah, Tabin Wildlife Reserve), and Indonesia (Sumatra, Kalimantan). 

5. Snow Leopards 

Snow Leopards 
image: Snow Leopards 

There are almost 4,000 to 6,600 snow leopards are left in the wild. Due to their population, numbers IUCN lists them as “Vulnerable”. Snow leopards live in central and southern Asia. In India, they live in the western Himalayas and Arunachal Pradesh in the eastern Himalayas. 

6. Irrawaddy Dolphins 

Irrawaddy Dolphins 
image: Irrawaddy Dolphins 

The Irrawaddy Dolphins is a species of oceanic dolphin. They have a very good ability to swim between saltwater to freshwater. There are almost 92 Irrawaddy Dolphins left in the world. The best place to see them is in Kampi (Southeast Asia). 

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