Viral Video: Arif and the 6 feet stork bird beautiful relationship, the video is in front of you

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Many people have seen the friendship between dogs, cats, rabbits, tigers, lions, and other animals. Have you ever seen a 6-foot-long stork and a human friendship? One such incident is going viral in the net world for a few days. Where we can see the amazing friendship of a giant stork with a man in the video. Let’s watch the video.

Here in the video, how did Arif and his friend stork become friends, how many years ago did they meet, when did they get it, why is the bird still with him without going to the forest, and where does it stay at night? All these questions are answered.

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In the video, Arif said, “I met the bird about 1 year ago. When I went to cultivate the land, I saw the stork lying on the ground in a critical condition. Probably its right leg was broken. But I went near it and brought it home.

He also said that after bringing him home and watching various videos, he tried to help his broken leg as much as possible. And in that effort, Saras recovered. But the 6-foot-tall bird never returned to the forest after this incident. The stork returns to him again and again after leaving it in the forest after many attempts.

Arif added about his food, “I don’t know what he eats when he’s out and about, but when he’s at home he eats exactly what I eat on the same plate with me.”

But the interesting thing is that even though the bird doesn’t say anything to Arif, it does to the rest of the house. In other words, Arif and his stork’s friendship is extraordinary.

When the reporter asked about the bird wandering outside, Arif replied, “The bird flew around with me for about 10 to 12 kilometers.”

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