How many Royal Bengal tigers are there in India?

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The Royal Bengal Tiger is the fastest, largest and strongest carnivore in the entire cat family. Royal Bengal Tiger is known as Indian Tiger or Bengal Tiger.

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How many Royal Bengal tigers are in India?

According to new reports, there are around 3000 Bengal tigers in India. 75% of the world’s Bengal tigers are in India.

Bangladesh: 440

Bhutan: 100

Nepal: 235

Where do Royal Bengal tigers live in India?

The Royal Bengal Tiger is usually found in tropical rainforests, where there are jungles and tall grasses. Also

·        Kanha National Park , madhya pradesh

·        Sunderban National Park, West Bengal

·        Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan

·        Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal

·        Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra

·        Pench National Park, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh

Royal Bengal Tiger Fact:

Royal Bengal tigers have some unique striped markings, which help to identify tigers.

Royal Bengal Tiger (Royal Bengal Tiger) can run at 60 km per hour.

The Bengal tiger is an aggressive predator. Most hunting is done at night.

They can bite like other big cats.

Bengal tigers are hunters from birth, they know the location of the enemy’s body where to attack.

The force with which they attack the enemy’s body can break the backbone of any animal.

The habits of these big cats are similar to domestic cats. The cubs are blind like other kittens for a week.

They never roar while fighting. They usually roar to call other tigers.

Among all the tiger species in the world, only this species is found in the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans.

They can see 6 times better and hear 5 times better than humans at night.

Bengal tiger saliva contains antiseptic. When they are injured they lick the area which helps them to remove the wound.

The amazing thing is that the roar of a Royal Bengal Tiger can be heard from a distance of 2 miles. Know more about lion facts.

Body Structure:

Lifespan: They can live for 10 to 15 years.

Weight: Males are usually up to 225 kg and females up to 135 kg.

Height: Males are up to 9 feet and females about 4 feet.

Teeth: These species have very strong teeth. Their teeth range from 7.5 to 10 cm.

Body: White, black and yellow stripes are seen on their body.

Method of hunting:

The Royal Bengal Tiger hunts with the full strength of its body. Most hunting is done at night.

During daytime hunting, they hide in the grass and wait for the right time.

When they get the timing right, they silently pounce on the prey and bite the neck, causing the predator to die quickly. Know more about Cheetah facts.

Royal Bengal Tiger Food:

We all know that the Royal Bengal Tiger is a carnivore. So they usually eat deer, wild bear, wild buffalo, giraffe etc. Animals of this species can eat up to 40 kg of meat at a time.

Their Nature:

They are very fast paced. They can also swim very well.

Like other tigers they prefer to live a solitary life.

They do not rest in the shade of any tree during the day.

 The male and female tigress continue to forage until they are satisfied with their food.

Their stamina is strong. Their anatomy is clear compared to humans and other animals.


The Royal Bengal Tiger is currently found in the Sundarbans forests of Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Russia, Thailand, and India.

Best time to visit:

The best time to see the Royal Bengal Tiger in the National Park is from October to March. And if you want to see the Royal Bengal Tiger in its habitat i.e. the jungle, then the best time is from April to June.

In the face of threats:

About 97% of the Royal Bengal Tiger population has been lost in India over the past few centuries. The main causes of these are poaching, urbanization, illegal poaching of tigers, illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss.

Poaching and illegal abduction of tigers is one of the biggest threats.

In the 20th century the number of tigers has dropped from 100000 to 3000, which is very sad. know more about Bear types.

Tiger Project:

To save this endangered species, a project called Project Tiger was launched in India in 1973.

Currently there are 50 projects to save them.

 Along with the government, we should also protect them. Know more about meerkat facts.

Can a tiger be kept as a pet animal?

Although it sounds surprising, it is possible to do it, if it is legal in the constitution of that country. Although tigers are carnivorous animals, a common soul lives in them, so if humans properly eat them.

It is definitely possible if you can understand the language of mind and body. There are many people in the world who have made tigers their pets.

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