Tourists are Seeing a Family of Royal Bengal Tigers With Children in the Sundarbans

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On Monday the 31st, a few people were seen by the launch in the Sundarbans river but they immediately saw two tigers sitting on the banks of the river. Usually such a scene is not seen.  The tigers are also looking at the launch through the gap in the trees. Nurse specialist Jaideep Kundu said, “Look at the body language, how fluently she is sitting. There are two children with her but there is no fear in their eyes.”

On Monday in Sundarbans Khari, tourists were roaming around with the launch just in the middle of which two children with the rest of 8 to 9 years appeared on the bank of the river in front of the tourists. It is rare to see tigers together in families in the Sundarbans. 

Tourists are very happy to see such a scene. And immediately they took a picture and published it impartially. And the net world is in a frenzy over that picture. And all these scenes were caught on the camera of tourist guide Nityananda Chowkidar. Nityanand Chowkidar, who has 15 years of experience, said that such a sight is never seen, not two, but three tigers were seen there.

This same tigress had a previous cub who was only three years old.  But the two babies caught on camera who were in their mother’s arms were only four to five months old. “Apart from this tigress, there is another tigress that comes to the river bank with her cubs and presents itself to the tourists,” Nityananda said.

Nithyananda also said that not only in terms of version but also in the Sundarbans, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the safety of tigers. Earlier people used to enter their place for fish collection and honey collection, now it has been reduced a lot. Now the tigers are realizing that the launch of these tourists will not harm them now. Now they are very peaceful.

Nityananda said, “And for that reason tigresses come to the river with their cubs.”  Now the tigers have also realized that the launch volume of tourists is large and the launch volume of honey collectors is much smaller.

According to a member of the night forest department, “the forest workers are working day and night to save the border between tigers and humans. Many rules have been established for tourists to visit. Earlier, the tourists used to play the mic on the launch and have a picnic, which annoyed the tigers.”

It has been reduced a lot in my sister. According to him, the body language of the tigers has changed a lot due to strict adherence to the rules in the case of other wild animals besides tigers.

Tapas Das, Director, Sundarban Tiger Project, said, “In the last count, more than 96 tigers were found, this time too, counting is underway but the exact number is not yet known. This time, it is expected that the number of tigers will increase significantly as compared to the previous ones as the remaining 24 hours are being secured.”

At the same time, 21 permanent camps have been arranged in the forest and seven floating camps on the river. 


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