Two Royal Bengal Tiger Fighting Together, Tourists Saw This for The First Time in Sunderban

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The arrival of tourists to Sundarbans has started since last year. For a long time, due to the COVID 19 pademic, Sunderbans place was closed for all tourists. On such a day all the tourists feel very happy that they can visit Sundarbans again. Tourists of the country are being welcomed as well as foreign tourists are coming to Sundarbans with great interest.

They witnessed such an incident when they visited Sundarbans. Where they saw two Royal Bengal tigers for the first time and also saw two Royal Bengal tigers fighting between them. All tourists are surprised to see this because they have never seen such a scene before.

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Seeing such a terrible scene, no one can believe it because they have never seen such a scene where two tigers are busy fighting each other. Tiger movement is often seen in Sundarbans tiger-gopal and projects.

Two Royal Bengal tiger fighting together in Sunderban
Image: Two Royal Bengal tiger fighting

But the tourists never imagined that they would meet two pairs of tigers. From the forest, the two come to a stop at the river bank while fighting. One part paws on the other part and comes to tere.

Also during this trip tourists witness a more beautiful country. Where Bhagya is seen bathing on the banks of the river.

At the beginning of winter they come to bathe in the river. And such a beautiful scene was caught on the camera of the tourists.

A few tourists come from Kultala in South 24 Parganas to visit the beautiful forest. They come from Kultala on the first day to Pakhiralaya. On the second day they entered the forest and saw many animals including deer and crocodiles, but at first no tigers.

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When they were on their way home from the forest, they came across two tigers, and the source also put a smile on the face of the tourist. They posted the footage of the two tigers fighting on social media and already the social media is in a frenzy.

Sundarban tour operator Jahangir Mandal said, “Usually pairs of tigers are not seen in Sundarbans forest but this is the first time two tigers have been spotted and tourists are quite happy.”

Tapas Das, Field Director of Sundarban Tiger Project, said, “Usually two tigers are not seen together in Sundarbans, but this time they have been seen in two parts. This shows that there is no doubt that the number of tigers in Sundarbans is increasing day by day.”

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