Viral Video: A Bird is Stuck in a Running bike and a Biker is busy making a video

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Every day we see different videos on Instagram. While watching these types of videos people get scared, amazed, and sad. And many videos make people happy and sad. But today’s video will feel very sad. We have given below video details that many people were surprised by after watching this video. The video is all about a bird that is stuck in a running bike.

The video was posted on Instagram on 3 October 2022. This daddy video was posted by Instagram user @drynox_drifter.

Drynox Drifter posted with a very sad emoji caption. The video went viral after posting this video on Instagram. This video got 15.1 million views and 530k likes. Also got 4,153 different people’s opinions or reactions. Many people had very angry reactions and many had very sad reactions. 

The Netizens have different opinions about this video so we put all the opinions below. 

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One user commented, “It is not necessary to make a video first removing the bird. So some humanity brother.” 

The second user commented, “Hey idiot, stop making videos and get out of him.” 

The third user commented, “Is it normal?” The fourth user commented, “Friend, he is suffering so much and you are busy making some videos. What a great thing this world is. I don’t understand anyone’s pain.” 

The fifth user commented, “Take him out and take likes later” 

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